PDR's (semi)Annual Holiday Gift List

Continuing a semi-annual tradition, all PerryDeaners have put their heads together to offer a list of the coolest, most unique gift ideas from a variety of sources.  Check off the most difficult to buy for with this compilation of beautiful, useful, mostly functional, and sometimes odd. OR! Buy them all for yourself. Go ahead. You deserve it.

1.  Those who are Artfully Analogue: Clocks by Studio VE

2.  The fashionable architect/planner:

3.  For all architects or students:

4.  The dedicated lunch-packer: Foodskin

5.  Someone always on the go: Grip Strip

6.  When 2 dimensions just isn’t enough: 3Doodler- 3D Printing Pen

7.  A Mad Men watcher of the canine variety: Mid-Century Modern Dog Bed

8.  For a savvy studio-dwelling millennial:

9.  On the hunt for home decor? Cardboard Animal Heads

10.  To season the future: Salt and Pepper Robots

2014-12-16 Gift Grid.jpg