PDR Bake-Off 2014 - Christmas Cookie Contest

The Contest

Taking advantage of the holiday season, Perry Dean Rogers hosted its annual food competition on the theme of Christmas cookies. It was a tough battle between contenders this year, submissions competing for top marks in cookieness, taste, texture, appearance, nostalgia, innovation, and of course, Christmasiness. 

2014-12-10 Christmas Cookie 1.jpg

The Results

2014-12-10 Christmas Cookie 7.jpg

All Perry Deaners graciously participated in the judging and gathered to discuss each category carefully.  To the left, Martha Pilgreen carefully begins to disassemble the Gingerbread Christmas Tree branch by star-shaped branch.  Although extremely hard work, everyone took time to ponder and judge each entry objectively.

After careful deliberations and a sophisticated voting method, the winner of this year’s Christmas Cookie Competition was reigning champion Tim Ippolito, whose gingerbread cookie Christmas tree and rum ball snowmen landscape scene had everyone’s taste buds singing “Joy to the World”.

2014-12-10 Christmas Cookie 6_sm.jpg

Honorable mentions include:

2014-12-04 Christmas Cookie Contenders.jpg

2.  Marc Perras’s Cornflake Christmas Wreaths (Winner of Christmasiness and tied for Innovation titles)

3. Martha Pilgreen’s Elevated Christmas Cookies (Winner of Nostalgia title)

4.  Sarah Tarbet’s Cake Batter Christmas Cookies (Winner of Cookieness title)

5.  Kelsey Pierson’s Eggnog Florentines (Winner of Taste and Texture titles)

The Bakers:

2014-12-10 Christmas Cookie 8.JPG

Marc Perras, Kelsey Pierson, Sarah Tarbet, and Tim Ippolito (Not Pictured, Martha Pilgreen)

Thanks to our amazing in-house cookie photographer, Kelsey Pierson.