RECLAIMED: Architecture Bowling League Championship

In the words of the League Commissioner, "Now that the dust has settled from the craziest finals in the history of the league," Perry Dean has reclaimed bragging rights as the Champions of the Spring 2013 Boston Architecture Bowling League, "with the slimmest margin of victory in the season's history, beating B.A.D. by a score of 846-845." Timm Fair needed to roll a strike on his final ball for the outright victory and he did just that.Congratulations to the finals team (above, left to right): Timm Fair, Matty Verenini, Kacey Miklaszewski,  Vinh-Quang Van Ha, Mike Cimorelli and Todd Shafer; as well as those who made key contributions throughout the season: Marc Perras, Sarah Tarbet and Will Horne.