The Hill Library at St. George’s School Certified LEED Gold

Perry Dean is pleased to announce that the Hill Library at St. George’s School in Middletown, RI, has achieved Gold rating under the USGBC’s LEED for Schools program.

For this addition-and-renovation project, indoor environmental quality was improved by strategic demolition and enlarged existing openings to increase natural light.  A large skylight was introduced at the seam between the existing building and addition, and Solatubes bring in more natural light to the top floor stacks.  Thermal performance of the existing exterior brick walls was greatly augmented with a new interior wall system filled with spray foam insulation.  Similarly, roof replacement with regional slate shingles allowed insulation to be added, ensuring an overall weather-tightness of the exterior envelope.  Mechanical systems were upgraded for optimized performance, and a rain garden was introduced for the stormwater management system. 

Many thanks to all team members, including St. George’s School, Shawmut Construction, and The Green Engineer.