When Renderings Become Reality

The University of Arkansas officially opened Hillside Auditorium as Chancellor G. David Gearhart and the Public Art Oversight Advisory Committee hosted the Dedication of Hillside Auditorium featuring the installation of artwork by Chakaia Booker, Willie Cole and Leonardo Drew.

Chancellor G. David Gearhart addresses the attendees from the main lobby situated between both auditoria.

Images of the upper, 290-seat and lower, 487-seat auditoria.

Some key members of the Design Team in attendance at the Dedication event.

(from left to right): Chris Hartsfield, Allison Architects, Todd Shafer, Perry Dean Rogers | Partners Architects, Jill Anthes, University of Arkansas Facilities Management Planning Group, Matthew Cabe, Allison Architects, Todd Furgason, University of Arkansas Facilities Management Planning Group.