MMA Landscape Takes Shape

As we've moved from spring into summer, Greenscapes and GVC Construction have the site work moving full speed ahead.  Carol Johnson Associates has worked with PDRP to develop a landscape strategy that is both fully integral with the building design and highly sustainable.  A series of troughs, check dams, detention basins and wetland plantings will filter roof and hardscape water back into ground utilizing filtration rather than the storm water sewer system.

A row of permeable pavers (left) covers a drain pipe that will pick up water in the south facing plaza and redirect toward two drywells where it will be filtered back into the ground.


A black granite trough picks up roof water from a stainless steel scupper and directs to a concrete channel running parallel to the building.


The concrete channel with a layer of river rock will help direct water based on the size and duration of the storm.  For smaller storm events water will back up at the check dam and overflow to be absorbed into the ground.  For larger storm events, the ground will become saturated and flow over the check dam and out to a larger detention basin.