Perry Dean reclaims Architecture Bowling League Championship

After a bit of a dry spell, Perry Dean has rolled its way back to the top of Boston's Architecture Bowling League, knocking down Elkus Manfredi Architects in the 2011 Fall Season Finals.  Highlights of the fall season include Matty Verenini's week 3 dance with a potential perfect game, scoring 8 strikes in his first 8 balls, and finishing the game with a score of 251, as well as Mike Cimorelli's unconscious week 5 two game total of 389 (222/167).  Both of these feats place Matty and Mike in the Architecture Bowling League history books with Mike holding the #2 spot in the all-time two game highest scores category and Matty and Mike holding the #2 and #3 spots respectively in the all-time single game highest score category!!!

The coveted pin.

Champs (from left): Timm Fair, Mike Cimorelli, Will Horne, Matty Verenini, Kacey Miklaszewski, Todd Shafer

Special thanks to Marc Perras, Ryan Senkier, and Andrea Dandridge for answering the call of duty throughout the season.