Opening Up Interior Connections

The renovations to the existing building at the Fort Lewis College Student Union are proceeding on schedule. The key concept was creating a strong north-south connection through the building (the existing building had been compromised by a series of additions over the building's life, requiring you to go outside to get from one part of the building to another). The key planning concept that emerged was a strong linear corridor connection on the ground and first floors, which would be flanked by suites of student organizations and recreation space.

clockwise from top left:
1) ground floor corridor looking south (Native American Center suite at left)
2) inside the Native American Center suite (hallway beyond interior glazing at right)
3) south end of ground floor corridor at corner of El Centro suite (at right)
4) Media Center suite looking out at first floor corridor and Environmental Center (beyond, across hall)

First floor plan showing main corridor running north-south (left-to-right as you look at this image).

Building section showing main corridor at ground and first floors of the addition running left-to-right. Note that the first floor hallway is continuous through the renovation, the link connection of the addition, and into the servery in the addition itself.