The Moment of Truth ...

There is always a moment of hesitation on a construction project, just before the scaffolding comes down. For months, you have been looking at the wall cladding (stone, pre-cast, brick, what have you) from all of four feet away, while scrambling around on the scaffolding, usually tented behind a wall of plastic sheeting. Then one day that plastic sheeting is gone, and the wall cladding is exposed for everyone to see. You think that you know what to expect, but sometimes there is a surprise or two. 

The sheeting came down yesterday at the student union project at Fort Lewis College. Below is a construction photo of the east facade, showing the stone and pre-cast installation, and we are pleased with the results. Marc Perras and Ned Collier are headed out to Durango tomorrow for a field visit to review this in detail. Okland Construction Company is the CM for this project.