Perry Dean attending IDID 6 Symposium at Dartmouth College

Perry Dean is attending the IDID 6 — Sustainable Design: From LEED to Living Buildings symposium at Dartmouth College tomorrow and Saturday. It is a joint symposium hosted by the Dartmouth College Sustainability Initiative and the Environmental Guild of the New Hampshire Chapter of the AIA. This is the 6th Integrated Design / Integrated Development conference, a series begun in 2003.

Through lectures, panels, and workshops this symposium is bringing together students, architects, engineers, interested citizens, and leading thinkers in the field to explore the following four themes as they cut across scales from buildings and grounds to communities and landscapes:

1. the global imperative for more sustainable design
2. advances toward zero net energy design and retrofits
3. lessons from biology and the importance of regenerative design
4. the benefits and challenges of moving from LEED to living buildings

We look forward to how this conference will inform our practice's evolving sustainable design thinking.