Nothing says summer like chips and dip, so to greet the heat, PDR hosted its semi-annual food competition - a dip challenge.  With total creative license on what constitutes a “dip” and a “chip”, contenders competed for top rankings in taste (“I could just die and go to heaven”), texture (“Got it just right”), appearance/presentation (“Aw, that’s so pretty”), pairing (“How well does the chip work with the dip?”), innovation (overall strategy/uniqueness), and transcendence (indefinable quality). 

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DCAMM/DOER "Towards Zero Net Energy" Charrette 2015

Last week, Perry Dean participated in the charrette, “Towards Zero Net Energy (TZNE),” sponsored by DCAMM and DOER, at Greenfield Community College.  In the words of DCAMM Commissioner Gladstone, the goal was “to build on our prior work, assess developments and trends in this field, and explore whether and how to expand this effort to DCAMM’s new construction and major renovation projects as well as facilities operations.”

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