A unique aspect of our practice is that many of the staff are also part-time faculty members at area colleges and universities.  This combination of academics and professional practice often feed one another in a positive way – teaching generates an energy and enthusiasm that can sometimes be lost in the ‘noise’ of a real project, while consideration for code requirements and constructability can really help shape and improve student work.

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PDR's (semi)Annual Holiday Gift List

Continuing a semi-annual tradition, all PerryDeaners have put their heads together to offer a list of the coolest, most unique gift ideas from a variety of sources.  Check off the most difficult to buy for with this compilation of beautiful, useful, mostly functional, and sometimes odd. OR! Buy them all for yourself. Go ahead. You deserve it.

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Transforming Libraries into the 21st Century

While in attendance at Embrace the Change - Transforming Libraries into the 21st Century, it was discussed the way in which students, academics, and all users interact with the volume of diverse media at their fingertips.  This colloquium, taking place at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, looked at libraries in general, and also specifically in Theological Libraries.

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